In 2015, the Victorian Family and Community Services Committee established a Parliamentary Inquiry into Services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Over 18 months the committee received over 150 submissions, and heard from over 120 witnesses at 11 hearings across Victoria. The final report was tabled in Parliament on June 22 and contains 101 recommendations to create a more inclusive and supportive Victoria for autistic people. The 101.

Now the Victorian autism community needs to come together and tell the Government to take action to accept and implement the 101 recommendations.

That’s why we have established the “I am for the 101” campaign. We’re seeking your support to advocate for the full implementation of the 101.

You can help us and all autistic Victorians by taking action and sign the petition.

The Government is currently considering the report and 101 recommendations and has until December to deliver its response. We want all Victorians to show their support for autistic Victorians and tell our politicians that we want action. For too long autistic people have received inadequate support.

We want Victoria to be an Autism leader, and we need your support to make it happen.

We need our community to join with us in agitating for change and to tell the Premier, to back the 101 and to ensure that all autistic Victorians are supported by a proudly inclusive Victoria.

If you think autistic people have a the same rights as everyone ;to education; to support; to be employed; to play sport; to receive services, to be recognised; and to be an included and integral part of our society, show that you’re for the 101 and sign the petition.

To keep you updated with the 101 campaign we build towards the Victorian State Government election, tick the 'Sign up for Updates' box in the petition section, and we’ll keep you informed.

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition to let Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, know you support the 101 recommendations to create a better future for autistic Victorian’s.

This petition will be delivered to the Government in November, before they are due to formally respond to the Inquiry report.

In order to ensure that we create the best possible future for autistic Victorians, we need to let politicians present, and future, know that the 101 is important and needs to happen. So sign the petition and then spread the word! Let’s get the full 101 accepted and implemented.

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The 101 – A snapshot

1. Living With Autism

Recommendations 1 – 12

Ensuring that autistic people are at the centre of any development of policy, programs and regulation that impacts them, and for more accurate data to inform future policy decisions.

2. Policy Setting & Government Services

Recommendations 13 – 16

Calling for better coordination of autism support and information, to bring back the Autism State Plan and develop a National Disability Strategy.

3. Diagnosis & Intervention – Early Years

Recommendations 17 – 29

Supporting faster and more accurate diagnosis and early intervention.

4. School Years

Recommendations 30 – 44

Addressing the gaps in education for autistic students.

5. For Adults

Recommendations 45 – 62

Calling for more services, supports and housing for autistic adults. And for all services interacting with autistic adults to better understand autism.

6. Autism & The NDIS

Recommendations 63 – 71

To ensure the NDIS meets the specific needs of all autistic people.

7. Autism & Gender

Recommendations 72 – 75

Addressing the unique needs of women and girls on the autism spectrum.

8. Health & Mental Health

Recommendations 76 – 80

Calling for health and mental health services to respond better to autistic people.

9. Rural & Regional

Recommendations 81 – 90

Impacting autistic people in rural and regional areas.

10. Inclusion, Participation & Sport

Recommendations 91 – 101

Aiming to build greater inclusion and social participation for autistic Victorians.

See all the recomendations

Campaign for a recomendation

The 101 is a movement that aims to create a more inclusive and supportive Victoria for autistic people. In order to make that happen, we need the Victorian autism community and their supporters to come together and take action to let the Victorian Government know that they need accept and implement all 101 of the recommendations that are tabled before the parliament.

If signing the petition is only the start for you, why not campaign for the 101. Whether you have a recommendation that you are really passionate about, a selection of favourites or you love all 101 – get a campaign together! Go it alone, build a team, do one thing, do many. Host a morning tea for your local member. Get a community groundswell going, put up posters, tell your friends and family about it, inform people at work, agitate for change. Call, send emails, or visit your favourite MPs, let them know how you feel about the 101.

Want to campaign but need help? Contact any of the 101 partner organisations and find out what to do and the strategies you can use.

Let’s rally! This needs to get done and it’s going to take people to do it. We need your help. We can make change. We need to, can and must be the leaders of our autistic future. Join the campaign for the 101 and lets create a better future for autistic Victorians.

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